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Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 5 класса

к учебнику М. З. Биболетовой, Н. В. Добрыниной

«Enjoy English» («Английский с удовольствием»)

Тема: «Hello! Nice to see you again! Привет! Рады снова встретиться с вами!» (раздел 1)

I. Translate from Russian into English.

1.проводить много времени

5. скучать по семье

9. изучать иностранный язык

2. проводить каникулы

6. пропускать уроки

10. прозвище

3. использовать

7. ездить за границу

11. заботиться о ком-то

4. фотографировать

8. школьная форма

12. школьный предмет


II. Fill in the blanks with miss, spend, abroad, shopping, pictures, Maths, age.

1. Every summer I ___________________my holidays in the country near a  nice  river.

4. My friend went ________________________last year. He is in France now.  I ______________him very much.

2. I like to take _______________________ of this river.

5. You must not miss _____________________ lessons.

3. My mother likes to go_________________________.

6. What is her _________________________________?

III. Fill in the blanks with speak, tell or say.

1. She’ll________________ us about her visit to Samara.

5. French students ____________________ English well.

2. Brian______ me that he didn’t like the Science lesson.

6. The doctor _____ that I must drink a lot of carrot juice.

3. “Don’t ask too many questions,” my father ________.

7. “Can I__________ to Mary, please?”- “Just a minute”

4. Don’t ___________________________________ lies.

8. He_________ to me: “Be serious! Don’t laugh at me!”


IV. Fill in There is or There are.

1. __________________________ an apple on the table.

4. ________________________ some chairs in the room.

2. _________________________ some milk in the glass.

5. ___________________________ some tea in the cup.

3. _______________________ some bananas in the bag.

6. ____________________________ a book on the desk.


V. Write sentences as in the examples.


David is the oldest boy in the class.   (old)

David is older than Mike.    (old)


1. Autumn ____________ season of the year. (beautiful)

4. This _____________________ house in the city. (old)

2. Autumn ________________________ summer. (cold)

5. Winter _________________ season of the year. (bad)

3. Summer _______________ season of the year. (good)

6. Which _________: the book or the film? (interesting)


VI. Fill in ‘s or s’ where necessary.

1. This kitten is Tom …..  and Bob …..  pet.

4. We have got three pets. The pet…..food is on the shelf.

2. The ball is not Ted ….. , it is Mike ….. .

5. Nick …..  and Mike ….. brother must help them.

3. Mary ….. and Helen ….. toys are in the box.

6. The girls are ill. The girl ….. doctor came yesterday.



VII. Fill in:
















































VIII. Choose the right answers:

1 .I usually ________________ my Granny on Saturday.

a) visits

b) visited

c) visit

d) will visit

2. There ________________ 30 pupils in our class last year.

a) were

b) was

c) are

d) is

3. I can _________ English   very well.

a) spoke

b) speaks

c) speak

d) will speak

4._____________ they go to the Zoo with us next week?

a) does

b) will

c) do

d) did

5.  I ___________ to my friend’s place yesterday.

a) goed

b) went

c) goes

d) will go

6. He won’t _______________ his holidays in America.

a) spent

b) spended

c) spends

d) spend

7. My pencil _________ on the table yesterday. My mother ___________ it in the box.

a) was not, put

b) are not, put

c) were not, put

d) was not, puts

8. Do you like ____________ to school? Yes, I ______________.

a) to go, did.

b) go, do.

c) to go, do.

d) to go, don’t.

9. We learn how to use computers at ______________ lessons.

a) I. T.

b) Literature

c) Drama

d) Maths

10. My father often ____________ food in this supermarket.

a) buys

b) will buy

c) bought

d) buy


IX.   Ask the following questions.

1. There are twenty children in our class. (How many children?)

2. She will start her work tomorrow. (When?)

3. I am a pupil of the fifth form. (Who?)

4. They opened the window two hours ago. (What?)

5. My friends are from Great Britain. (Where?)

6. He will travel to London with his friends. (With whom?)



+2 Vladislav-Rakovich 10 сентября 2013, 20:18
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+1 Galina-Byhtenkova 6 сентября 2013, 13:58
Там и не только man-men есть, но еще и мыши. И для пятого класса,это нормально. Потому что эти слова изучаются потихоньку, почти с самого начала изучения множественного числа.
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+2 Pheonix 16 марта 2013, 7:59
В 7 задании есть одна из форм слова или единство или множество. Нужно самому придумать вторую форму слова. Например там есть man а в множестве будет men. Опять же для 5 класса контрольная сложная.
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+1 Salazaga 9 марта 2013, 21:20
Не совсем понял 7 задание - что там нужно сделать? В школе на контрольных мы таких заданий не делали. Хотелось бы увидеть какой-то пример что ли. Ну а так вообще контрольная не очень сложная, я ее решил за 30 минут (без того задания)
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